"Oh! If people knew what a comfort to horses a light hand is, and how it keeps a good mouth and a good temper..."

~ Black Beauty



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Showing is an important part of learning to be part of a team and to participate in a competitive sport. At Starlight Farms we believe taking part in the Show Team teaches additional responsibilty and good sportsmanship. It requires more dedication on the part of the student and encourages a commitment to excellent horsemanship.

Showing is a fun and exciting activity. It encourages camaraderie among the students and a feeling of pride and achievment. It also requires quite a bit of time commitment on the part of everyone involved.

In addition to the time and emotional investment in showing, there are fees involved. Below is a partial list of expected fees:

Trailering to local shows: $50 per horse
Coaching Fee: $50 per day

Pony Use Fee:
(includes trainers time grooming, braiding and preparing pony for show, plus supplies required such as tack cleaning supplies and shampoo, conditioners, fly spray, etc. for pony - also includes use of Starlight Farms equipment such as saddles/bridles, etc.)

$25 per day

Braiding Fee:
(waived if paying a pony use fee)

$35 per horse
Entry Fees: Varies by show

2013 Show Schedule

July 28 KMT Tri-Valley Classic Shilo West - Castro Valley
August 25 D'Alonzo Ranch Series D'Alonzo Ranch - Stockton
September 14 Cerro Vista 2013 Show Series Rancho Cerro - Livermore
September 22 KMT Tri-Valley Classic Robertson Arena - Livermore
October 1 Cerro Vista 2013 Show Series Rancho Cerro - Livermore