"Oh! If people knew what a comfort to horses a light hand is, and how it keeps a good mouth and a good temper..."

~ Black Beauty


Above is a video of a 4 year old warmlblood mare that Kellie started and trained from the ground up, at her first clinic. This was an away clinic with Heather Blitz.






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Kellie Perfetto is an instructor and trainer. She has been riding since the age of 6.

Kellie competed in Three Day Eventing, a sport that utilizes various horsemanship skills - dressage, cross country riding/jumping, and stadium jumping. She found her true love of dressage and the ability of dressage to transform the most ordinary horse into something extraordinary. Dressage is a French word for training.

The goal of dressage is to have a light, supple, happy horse who is responsive to the lightest aid from the rider and therefore a pleasure to ride.

Kellie has trained and continues to train with many wonderful and talented trainers, including Gina Duran and Laurie Moore-Smith, and is very happy to be currently working as an assistant to Laurie Moore-Smith.

Kellie is very keen on always increasing her knowledge base which she can then pass onto her clients and training horses. She has attended clinics with Heather Blitz, Tracy Lert, J. Michael Plumb, James Wofford, Lynn Palm and many others. Kellie believes in continuing to improve her skills and education through regular training and clinics.

It has always been Kellie's dream to work with children and adults and share with them the incredible gift of life with horses. Kellie focuses on positive teaching for both horse and rider and emphasizes safety and proper form as well as teaches horsemanship and care of the horse. She utilizes traditional horsemanship techniques. She believes in teaching calming, centered energy as a means of communicating with the horse and the importance of pressure/release techniques and timing of aids.

Kellie is a kind and consistent trainer who bonds deeply with the horses she works with. She believes in the giving nature of the horse and in positive training methods.


    Free Lunging: $15.00
    Tack Lunging: $20.00
    Riding - On site: $40.00 per ride
    Riding - Off-Site: $50.00 plus mileage and site fees
    We offer other services, such as clipping, handling horse during farrier or veterinary visit, grooming, medicating, etc. A complete price list will be provided upon request.



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